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Principal's photograph You are welcome to the official website of Federal Government College, Ikotekpene. Federal Government College Ikotekpene is a "Unity" college located in Akwa Ibom state, which was setup by the Federal Government of Nigeria in 1973; and as a unity college, students come from all parts of the country. FGC Ikotekpene caters to both male and female students with facilities for both day students and boarders. To gain admission into the school, prospective candidates would have to pass the National Common Entrance Examination after which they will be enrolled into a JS1 class. Students are enrolled to go through six years of training at FGC Ikotekpene; they start at JS1, and proceed through JS2, JS3, SS1, SS2, and finally SS3. FGC Ikotekpene has the facilities, manpower, and track record to train and equip your wards for the future.

Thank you.

Mr S. A. Odo
Director/Principal, FGC Ikotekpene